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Our story
Most thought it was a crazy idea to set up a travel company soon after 9/11. We thought otherwise.

We conceived and created ‘Panache World’ soon after 9/11 and we haven’t stopped thinking ‘otherwise’ ever since with everything we have done in the past 21 years. Its been an amazing journey of experiences and learnings and we have evolved with time. Somewhere during the journey we stopped thinking of ourselves as Travel ‘Agents’ but more as Travel ‘Advisors’. That confidence came from our own travel pursuits with the intent of discovering the world and building relationships with the locals. Not only do we stand testimony to the fact that ‘travelling and discovering the many places and people in the world is the best education one can get’ but we also feel ourselves to be a part of a large global family.

We started small. We are still small. Our clients, who we owe much gratitude to, have not only become our repeat customers but they have also been generous and gracious in recommending us to their friends. We have thus grown by word of mouth. What we do for our clients is seemingly simple: we listen, we learn, we understand and we custom build a trip for them using our acquired travel intelligence such that its a perfect fit to their interests and budget. What is not as simple is having to invest, learn, establish and build relationships with like-minded ground partners and hotels in various parts of the world. Nonetheless it is an endeavour we enjoy.
One of the most amazing facts about our clientele is that we today have clients in different parts of the world reaching out to us – from the USA wanting to travel to South America (or for that matter in Singapore wanting to travel to Iceland) and yet they book with us in India. All in all it is truly a flat world for us and has given us a global perspective on how we understand and deliver travel experiences.

We believe travel today is more about ‘experiences’ that one has in a foreign destinations. Experiences that transform you within, make you richer in essence and those that become memories and stories that you cherish sharing with your family and friends. We embed these experiences in the trips we design for our clients. Of course, it is equally important to pair the right accommodation to your personality, to pace the trip to your liking and to take care of all travel logistics so that you don’t have to strive and stress over it and we do all this with utmost thought and care.

This website has its limitations on how many destinations we can feature but the fact is that our clients have travelled through us to 73 countries and we pretty much cover the world. So all one has to do is wish a destination and we deliver … with a distinct panache.
Panache world team

Meet the team

Meet the passionate individuals who form the heartbeat of Panache World. With a diverse blend of expertise in travel, culture, sustainability, and hospitality, our team is dedicated to curating unforgettable journeys that transcend expectations. Together, we're here to bring your travel dreams to life.
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Being Responsible

Sustainability and conservation travel

At Panache World, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's the cornerstone of our ethos. As proud members of the Pristine Mood program by the Serandipian Network, we are dedicated to championing responsible travel practices that protect the planet and empower local communities. We believe in creating extraordinary journeys that leave a positive footprint, and our commitment to sustainability is woven into every aspect of our offerings. Loveleen Arun, a founding director in the company, is a certified advocate of transformational travel and has undergone rigorous training in the art of mindful exploration. We endeavour that each experience we craft fosters personal growth, cultural understanding, and environmental stewardship. With us, your journey isn't just an adventure – it's a transformative voyage that leaves a lasting impact for generations to come.
Our People

Friends of Panache

Our friendly advisory panel comprises a select group of distinguished individuals who bring a wealth of expertise from diverse fields. Their insights help us immensely to curate travel offerings that transcend expectations.

Our mission

At Panache World, our mission is to curate authentic travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary, fostering a deeper connection between travellers and the diverse world we inhabit. We are committed to crafting journeys that celebrate cultures, history, and nature while promoting responsible tourism practices.