Arati Kumar Rao

Working across South Asia, independent photographer, writer, and National Geographic Explorer Arati Kumar-Rao documents environmental degradation that has reached cataclysmic levels. She chronicles how drastically depleting groundwater, habitat destruction, and land acquisition for industry devastates biodiversity and shrinks common lands, displacing millions and pushing species towards extinction. Arati was named in BBC’s list of 100 Influential & Inspiring Women of 2023 and her first book is Marginlands: India's Landscapes on the Brink, was published by PanMacmillan (Picador) in June 2023 and named Book Of The Year by PublishingNext in 2024. Arati’s work has also appeared in the National Geographic Magazine, Emergence Magazine, BBC, and in leading Indian newspapers, among other outlets. When not on assignment, she splits her time between a biodiversity hotspot — the Western Ghats — and Bangalore in India, where she plays a happy mother to three rescued cats.
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