The French Riviera

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Culture, Art & History
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Cerulean waters of the Mediterranean & glam beaches

Welcome to Côte d'Azur! Here, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the charming cities, and the amazing cultural treasures all come together like a magical show. You'll have unforgettable experiences. Walk around the lively streets of Nice, enjoy the glitzy atmosphere of Cannes, smell the lovely scents in Grasse, and feel the relaxed vibe in Saint-Tropez. Côte d'Azur guarantees a journey full of enchanting moments. Feel the warm sun, enjoy the sweet-smelling flowers, and taste the delicious Mediterranean food that takes you to a world of timeless beauty. It's a place where art, nature, and food mix perfectly, inviting you to be part of this wonderful experience of colors and delights.

The coast of endless charm

This stunning place is full of beautiful colors. It has been a favorite of famous painters who were inspired by its amazing beauty in the 20th century. But Côte d'Azur is not only loved by painters. It's also a place where big events happen, like the famous Cannes Film Festival, which is all about fancy and stylish things. In addition, there are cute villages and gardens that smell wonderful and give off a special vacation feeling. These scents come from the famous land around the area.

The easy glamour of the French Riviera in the late 1960s - inspired by Romy Schneider's character in La Piscine - mixed with garden elements. Blueprint, botanical, lattice, Queen Anne's lace and folly prints are paired with cleaner silhouettes and proportions in a fresh palette of green, white and coral. – Tory Burch

Explore the French Riviera

In Nice, the crown jewel of Côte d'Azur, the Promenade des Anglais unfurls like a ribbon of sapphire along the azure waters, inviting travelers to stroll hand in hand with history. The old town beckons with narrow cobblestone streets, revealing quaint cafes, boutiques, and art galleries.

Come to Cannes, where dreams spin like stars in the night sky. The famous Croisette walkway dances next to the sea. It's surrounded by palm trees, fancy shops, and very luxurious hotels.

Treat yourself to a remarkable stay in one of the palace hotels on the Cannes Croisette. Panache World works closely with several iconic hotels that stand majestically on the Croisette promising a world of sophisticated glamour insider them. Combine this with a stay in Monaco and a day out in the sea on your own private yacht to round up that ultimate Riviera Escape .Allow us to VIP you like only Panache World can!

Then there is Saint-Tropez: a truly beautiful harbor that looks just like a postcard. Yachts shine against a backdrop of soft colors. Since the 1960s, there's been a fun and relaxed party feeling here. It spreads to the Pampelonne beaches where you can eat lunch on the sandy shore and look at the Mediterranean sea.

Sunshine Cuisine – Savour the Flavour

Côte d'Azur gets a lot of sunshine – around 3,000 hours each year! The food there is like a delicious work of art. Imagine sitting at a table on the sandy beach and enjoying tasty dishes like ratatouille, anchoïade (a mix of anchovies, capers, and garlic), pissaladière, and Niçoise pizza. They all have the special taste of the area's olive oil and sun-kissed veggies.

"Food is the silent language of a culture, and the French Riviera whispers its essence through every bite."

You can also have the region's famous rosé wine, which goes really well with the seaside way of life. And for a wonderful ending, try the Tarte Tropézienne – a yummy bread filled with cream that captures the special feeling of Côte d'Azur

We, at Panache World have been travelling to the Riviera for many years. And we choose to think that we know the area very well. So call us to discuss your ultimate French Riviera getaway. This destination works so well for celebrations, milestone birthdays, hen parties, And of course for honeymoons. Allow us to advise you on where you should spend your time and the best ways to explore this glamorous. coast.

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